It's hard to understand how you're feeling, or you don't even know. That's why sometimes people seek counseling.


Addiction is easy, getting it off is tough

“i Think When You Work Really Hard And You Help Others, God Helps You Get What You Want.”
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Our Priority Areas

Every day we bring hope to millions of people in the world's hardest places as a sign of God's unconditional love.



Never Give Up

"Recovery is amazing you get to a place your proud of yourself again"


A Husband and Wife may disagree on many things but they must absolutely agree on this: to Never ,ever Give Up


Our Services

We Are Encharity Funding Network Worldwide and Provide Helps To Those Who Need It.

Social Programing

“I have come to understand that deep existential processes can be involved in creating and caring for a garden.”one that “gives you quiet, so you can hear your thoughts”. When you work with your hands in the garden, weeding or clipping, you free your mind to work through feelings and problems.. By tending your plants, you are also gardening your inner space and, over time, a garden is woven into your sense of identity, becoming a place to “buffer us when the going gets tough”.

We can give away useful things we own to others who deserve

Acceptance of all usable items (new / old) and giving those to needy people at a very reasonable price.

We are Specialized on

We build homes for the forcibly displaced

You can help provide homes to millions more.

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